Animal and Pet Portraits Customized for You

Who am I?

I am a self-taught artist in Guelph, Ontario, who has always loved painting and drawing animals of all kinds (though spiders make me shudder!). I grew up in Vancouver, surrounded by dogs, cats, hamsters, horses and rabbits, and would love to draw any of your furry friends!


I do paintings and drawings in a number of distinct styles, please browse my gallery to pick a style you like, and I will make it work for you. I mainly work in coloured pencil, pastel and ink and watercolour.


Pricing depends on the style and size of the painting, check out my pricing page for more details. Many of the drawings on this site are available as prints, individual pricing varies by picture, so contact me for more details.


If you’re interested in seeing a different side of my art, check out my Patreon page. I also have originals and prints for sale at my Etsy shop! Feel free to stop by and browse!