I paint and draw in a variety of styles, so you can pick which you like best.  From graphite to watercolour, there’s a style for you!


Silhouettes are simple but stunning outlines done of any animal you choose, in a colour palette you pick. They make excellent greeting cards!


Graphite drawings provide detail and realism, done with high quality artist pencils. I spray all graphite works with a fixative to prevent any smudging.


Ink drawings are portraits done using black ink pens, providing bold but subtle details.

Ink with splatter

These portraits are first drawn in ink, then splattered with watercolour to add a splash of colour. I usually draw my colours from the animals in the picture, but any colour can be used.

Ink on watercolour

These are done by first creating a vibrant watercolour background, complete with fun and exciting splatters. The subject is then sketched in black ink or watercolour on top of the coloured background.


These are realistic, full colour watercolour portraits of your pet or the animal of your choice.

Coloured Pencil

I am now offering coloured pencil portraits, made using Prismacolor Premier pencils, and done on white, tan or grey paper. These portraits are perfect for a highly realistic, detailed portrait.